In answer to this question, we must first pay attention to the fact that the turbulent situation of the car market in our country has certainly not been ineffective in raising this question. Buying a new car is a great option if you have a financial problem and you do not have a problem with financing. The main benefit of buying a new car may be the benefit of the warranty or the lack of color, which of course is more important, depending on your expectations of your new car.

Important points when buying a car

Before examining the benefits of buying a new car, we will discuss the points that you must pay attention to when buying a car. The first important point when choosing a car is to pay attention to your needs. After considering the needs and identifying the cars that fall into this category, the next point is to pay attention to the budget that you can spend to buy a car.

It may be clear to you that a new car is in your favor or a used car, you can also choose to go for domestically produced cars or buy an imported car. It is good to pay attention to other issues such as car fuel consumption, safety, payment terms.

Benefits of buying a new car

Buying a new car has many advantages that if special conditions such as banning the entry of cars over 2500 cc, low quality of domestically produced cars along with high prices and the role of dealers, we would go to buy a new car without worries, as in developed countries due to payment terms Installments and economic stability This solution seems to be the best way without the slightest thought; Nevertheless, buying a new car can still be a good choice because of its benefits.

buying a new car

buying a new car ؛ Warranty and service

The first and most important advantage of buying a new car is having a warranty. When you buy a new car, the warranty can relieve you of the cost of repairs as well as the routine services required, depending on how long it covers.

Up-to-date technology

Continuing the warranty review, it can be said that the use of up-to-date technologies in new vehicles can reduce the need for repairs. Of course, it is no secret that domestic automakers are far from the steep slope of the automotive industry; But if we compare domestic cars with themselves, we will also see the modernization of technologies. In addition to lowering the cost of repairs, we can mention the increase in car safety due to the use of modern technology. It is worth mentioning that increasing the convenience and up-to-date multimedia will also increase your comfort while driving and traveling.


When it comes to buying a new car, you no longer have to worry about finding parts. Perhaps one of the disadvantages of buying old and used cars is that when they need repairs, they may need to replace parts that are not easy to find, which is not only a matter of time but also due to the lack of these parts in the market will be expensive.

Less risk

Buying a new car, as the name implies, carries a lower risk of potential defects in the car. The fact that we do not say that it is risk-free is because the delivery of a car with defects and has not been tested is not something that no one has dealt with; But if you check the car well at the time of delivery and make sure of its warranty service, it can be said that the risk of buying a new car is much lower than a used car, which as an important benefit can make you think about possible risks and disadvantages. Comfortable.


When it comes to buying a used car, it is very likely that its foot is open to smoothing, and it is also very likely that it needs paint. Buying a new car can ease your mind that the car has reached you without paint. If the appearance of the car is very important to you, it certainly can not be unaffected by your final decision.


As we said, the first and most basic criterion when buying a car is your needs and meeting your expectations. Depending on how much you spend, all or part of these expectations will be met. Here we look at the benefits of buying a new car to help you if you are desperate to buy a new and used It.

For example, when you consider that you do not have to spend more money for a few years after the initial cost of buying a car, it is more appropriate to buy a new car because of the warranty, the number of parts on the market and the lower risk.

Using a new car with the latest technology can also be important for people who are looking for more amenities and higher safety. The appearance can not be overlooked; Unpainted appearance is definitely one of the major..